EcoSairila is where success is made

Companies can start manufacturing and benefit from the area’s strengths: materials, nutrients, reclaimed water, targeted environmental and business services, an environmental data platform that facilitates permit procedures and compliance monitoring, and plots of land suitable for industrial activity.

EcoSairila offers a full-service innovation ecosystem for companies that settle in the area to develop something new. Companies may engage in development work exclusively or alongside their production activities. Companies in EcoSairila have access to a modern, diverse RDI infrastructure to support business activity and enable growth. The area offers RDI services and strong local, national and international networks of companies and RDI actors. EcoSairila offers robust support for the development and commercialisation of new products and services.

EcoSairila also serves the area’s residents and companies, providing a wide range of circular economy and waste management services. The area includes Kieppi, a reception and sorting centre for small importers, which provides waste management services and also accepts donations of products suitable for reuse, such as furniture and home electronics.

Location services

The EcoSairila industrial area offers tailored location options, versatile material flows, industrial symbiosis and synergies, modern infrastructure, and targeted, cost-efficient services.

Area and location

RDI environments and services

Companies are supported by diverse research, development, and innovation environments for wastewater treatment and reclaimed water production.

RDI environments

EcoS environmental information platform

The digital environmental information platform supports the regional environmental management model.

EcoS environmental information platform


SairilaSIM is a simulation model that makes use of real-time information flows. It is EcoSairila’s digital twin. The simulation model makes it possible to analyse the existing activities in EcoSairila, as well as the changes that will arise when a new company joins the area. SairilaSIM offers the opportunity to analyse the suitability of various operating models and alternative technological solutions. The life cycle analysis derived from the simulation model produces information about the platform’s environmental impacts and the way that different functions affect emissions.


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