Blue Economy Mikkeli brings together top experts in the water sector

Expertise, networks, and commercialisable innovations

EcoSairila is spearheaded by the Blue Economy Mikkeli centre of excellence, which focuses on the circular economy and digitalisation of the water supply. It provides companies with RDI and training services, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of a unique testing and piloting environment to develop their business activities.

Mikkeli’s strengths and investment in water expertise are recognised nationally and internationally. One example of this is the innovation ecosystem agreement that Mikkeli has signed with the Ministry of Employment and the Economy to develop a centre of excellence between 2021 and 2027.

A wastewater treatment and reclaimed water plant utilising the latest technology, a biogas plant and a wide range of research, development and testing environments form a comprehensive entity for developing new water businesses.

Blue Economy Mikkeli is a part of the Finnish water solutions and expertise offering:

Water Solutions and Expertise from Finland


Blue Economy Mikkeli strengthens water related business, innovation and education in Finland and provides solutions to global sustainable development goals.


BEM focuses on water management and circular economy specializing in 5 areas.

  • Wastewater purification
  • Wastewater reclamation
  • Sludge valorization and nutrient recovery
  • Energy efficiency and energy recovery
  • Smart Water Solutions


BEM utilizes the WWTP infrastructure, research and development, testing and piloting environments and services in laboratory, demonstration and full scale for R&D organizations and companies to generate innovation and new business.

BEM offers innovation and business acceleration services and helps startups and SMEs getting started with new ideas. Solutions developed and incubated in within BEM are commercialized utilizing local business development organizations and international partnerships and networks.

BEM brings together training and educational organizations to offer range educational programs and products for water management and circular economy of water. BEM attracts new business and activates various sources for funding.

Wastewater treatment plant

Mikkeli’s new wastewater treatment plant will ensure the environmentally safe purification of the city’s wastewater for the next 50 years. On top of that, it also serves as a research and business centre for water treatment at the heart of EcoSairila.

Wastewater treatment plant

BEM Centre of Excellence

Blue Economy Mikkeli (BEM) is an international centre of excellence in water research located in the premises of the Mikkeli wastewater treatment plant. BEM is the only plant in Finland to enable industry-scale material flows for water RDI use.

BEM Centre of Excellence

BEM Water Cluster

The Blue Economy Mikkeli cluster brings together companies in the water sector, enabling networking and international collaboration. All companies interested in the water sector are invited to join the BEM cluster.

BEM Water Cluster


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