EcoSairila is a circular economy centre

EcoSairila is a hub of regional material cycles, and it has a strong profile in water treatment technologies. EcoSairila combines a wide range of companies, public entities and RDI and educational organisations to create a unique innovation ecosystem. Close collaboration between local actors and the authorities and strong networks of expertise ensure productive collaboration.

EcoSairila for companies

EcoSairila offers a full-service innovation ecosystem for companies that settle in the area to develop something new. Companies may engage in development work exclusively or alongside their production activities.

For companies

Blue Economy Mikkeli

The Blue Economy Mikkeli Centre of Excellence, which focuses on digitalisation and the circular economy of the water supply, provides companies with RDI and training services, as well as the opportunity to utilise a testing and piloting environment.

Blue Economy Mikkeli

Information about the circular economy

The circular economy is part of our everyday life. EcoSairila offers information about the circular economy through virtual tours, learning environments, company collaboration, events, and training.

Information about the circular economy

The EcoSairila industrial area is located near the world’s cleanest water

Mikkeli offers amazing opportunities for research, development, innovation and business. The EcoSairila industrial area offers a unique location and growth platform for green innovations.
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